Your secret is safe with us ...

Welcome to a safe place ... a place to share your secrets ... where everyone understands you ... where no one will shame you ... we all share the same secret.  Some call it a "secret life", implying that you should be ashamed and not tell anyone, but here you have a place where you are safe to be yourself ... the beautiful, amazing, sensual woman that YOU are! 

The Secret Sister Club is a safe haven for women who work in the erotic services industry ... current, former, and future.  This is a safe place where you can anonymously share experiences and information with other sisters like you.  Most of us have no one else to talk to, yet we need someone who we can trust to hear us out at certain times.  Your sisters are always here for you, day and night ... right at your fingertips. 

We are all current or former sex workers from all colors of the spectrum.  We are escorts, porn actresses, exotic dancers, brothel girls, tantric goddesses, parlor girls, phone actresses, playmates, street ladies, XXX models, and just about anything else.  We also have sex therapists, life coaches, spiritual healers, authors, and business owners ... many of them are former sex workers. 

For ladies currently involved in the adult services industry, you will find advice on advertising services and helpful information specific to your type of business.  You have a network of sisters here to listen to you, share with you and offer honest advice.  Our forums, blogs, and conference calls will feature information on advertising, business details, safety tips, etc.  You can post questions on the Ask Sister advice column, where you will get a detailed response from Desirae or another member of our advisory team. 

If you are interested in starting in the adult industry or are just curious about it, join us to get an uncensored inside look at what it's all about, get started the right way, and learn how to stay safe. 

If you want to find your way out of the industry, we help you find the resources you need to work towards the career you love or start a business and live the beautiful life you deserve.  Our network of experts who specialize in helping people make huge positive changes in their lives, most who have experience in the sex industry, will be regular guests on our conference calls and forums.  A detailed success plan, encouragement, and a close network of wonderful friends will help you succeed in breaking free from the work.  Your sisters are here to help you achieve your dreams and make your transition to a "normal life" as easy, safe and successful as possible. 
The Secret Sister Club is not meant to encourage, nor discourage, choosing to work in the erotic services industry.  We are merely here to network with each other and provide a SAFE place for sisters to share what they experience, how they feel, and what their hopes are for the future.  This is that special kind of place that most of us desperately need, but cannot find in the 'outside world'. 

Check out the public pages of our site.  Send an email to "Desirae" with any questions or for further information. 

Read about my 13+ years in the sex industry
and why I started the Secret Sister Club at Desirae's Diary blog page. 

We look forward to getting to know you very soon.



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The Secret Sister Club is a members-ONLY site.  All members are kept strictly anonymous.  This is a place to get advice, find resources, share helpful information, and just spill your heart & guts out to your sisters.  Advertising of escort services is NOT allowed on this site.  Privacy, safety and staying anonymous are of the greatest importance at The Secret Sister Club. 

The Secret Sister Club is an adult ONLY membership website.   Due to the explicit nature and sexual content of this site, you MUST be at least 18 years old to view contents of the members-only sections and to become a member of the Secret Sister Club. 

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